We are no longer accepting tree drive orders but you can still enter donations below- if you have any questions on your pickup order, please email us at HinghamTreeDrive@gmail.com or call us at (781) 312-2405. Thank you for a great season and we look forward to another one next year!

Troop 1 Hingham can make things a little easier for you by recycling your Christmas tree!

Here's how to schedule your Christmas tree pickup:

1. Create or log into your account (Hingham residents only)
2. Click on your preferred pickup day from the main page
3. Checkout and donate $15 or more online (or pay by check if you prefer, please see below)*
4. Put your tree out curbside by 8:00 a.m. on the day you chose

Your donation of $15 is very much appreciated and will support Troop 1's Scouting activities throughout the year.

To make an extra donation, select "Extra Donation $5" and “Add to Cart.” Then you can adjust the quantity (in increments of $5.00) to reflect the desired amount.